Meteor Forms: Revolutionizing the World of Online Form Builders

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Several weeks ago, I walked into my friend’s office and was perplexed by the ocean of papers that sat in front of her.

“I am going crazy,” she grimaced.

The scene before me that day was one I seem to have stuck on replay. Every time I visit her at the office, she is glancing frantically back and forth between her computer and the paper she scribbles on. One day, I decided to pop the billion dollar question and finally asked what exactly she was writing so ferociously.

She stopped writing and turned her computer monitor to face me with a jaded expression. “I have to transfer the information from these web forms onto these government documents,” she said, holding up a thick stack of paper. I was confused, why couldn’t she just print off the form that she had online? On that day, I decided to venture out and learn more about the world of online forms.


Online form builders were developed in hopes of easing the workload of business owners formerly using an old system that required hours of handwriting. These handwritten forms are tedious and leave too much room for error and missing information.

Form builders are great because they are easy for clients to fill out and communicate with a company, but they still require the business owner to transfer the information on the completed online form into the document needed for their records. For instance, a business will have to transfer an applicant’s credentials and information into an employment form from the simple version posted on their website. The process is quicker than what it used to be, but just not quite as efficient as it could be.


So What Can I Do?

Meteor Forms by RdyToGo is a new service being offered to revolutionize the world of online business forms. The purpose of the service is to simplify the life of business owners further. This new online form system is easy to use and can save a business more of their time and effort.


But How Does It Work?

Meteor Forms takes care of the form building for you. Meteor Forms allows businesses to upload documents necessary for their records (like blank employment forms). Then the information acquired in the online form will be printed on the original design. The rest is taken care of!

The created forms can be embedded anywhere your company may need them, including websites and social media platforms like Facebook. The form can be customized to suit your individual needs, and the team of Meteor Forms will remain on standby with your monthly/yearly subscription to the service. With just a single call, the team can execute any changes that you would like to see or feel is necessary, like adding or altering a question.


Once a client completes a form, the business can view the newly gather client information under the “Entries” tab of their account page. The information will immediately be available in the format of the document that was submitted during the start-up process, every check mark and word placed in their boxes. Under this same page, users of Meteor Forms can access and print forms at their leisure.


Still Unconvinced?

Online form builders are excellent for business because they make communicating with clients easier and quicker. Companies can collect an abundance of information from multiple clients in a much shorter amount of time than if they were to obtain it by hand.

Meteor Forms takes this benefit a step further by allowing you to access this information anytime, anywhere. Having all of this information presented in one place can save you time and the world. Continuous access to all of your documents will keep you from the overuse of paper, and saving paper means saving trees. It also eliminates the need to scour through the endless amounts of paperwork that other systems may force you to keep on record. And who does not want that?


Okay… Tell Me More

Meteor Forms also can collect signatures, real signatures. Unlike other online form builders, Meteor Forms allows clients to sign in a designated box using their mouse or touchscreen.

Other online form builders often limit the number of entries you can have and require you to pay more to break through these restrictions, leading you to decide between dipping back into your wallet to pay the extra fee or deleting previous entries that you may need. Luckily, Meteor Forms allows for an unlimited amount of entries without any additional cost to you.

Sign me up!

The process of getting started with Meteor Forms is straightforward. All you need to do is access the Meteor Forms website and click on the “Get Started” tab. You will proceed to select the payment plan option that best suits your needs, and then upload the documents you would like your clients’ information to be presented in after they have completed your online form.

After checking out, your job is done!

From there, we will contact you to tell you when your forms have been completed and are ready to use, and we will give you the shortcode to your Meteor Form. The shortcode can be used an infinite amount of times in countless places; it is yours to utilize!

Once placed when you want it, the form will be ready to be used instantly, and entries will be available immediately. You will not have to wait even a moment!

Along with your payment plan are free maintenance, security, and signature collecting. All the information you may need will be available on your account page, including your entries and uploaded forms. You will also be able to view your subscription information (for instance, when your next payment is due) and personal data we have on file for you.

If Meteor Forms sounds like the best online form builder for you, click here to get started! Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have.